2 new favourite games

Maisie learnt these 2 games at Sunday School on the weekend (yeah, not much to do with Jesus, I know). As you can see, we are not too strict on the ‘official’ rules.
Duck, Duck, Goose!
What’s the time Mr Wolf?
And here’s something just to embarress Talia when she’s older – believe it or not, this is how she ‘smiles’.
Talia's toothy smile

5 thoughts on “2 new favourite games”

  1. hahaha i luaghed so hard when i watched these. i love how just about everyone gets up and runs at GOOSE. Can’t wait to play that one when i visit!

  2. Surely you could turn that into something biblical. Lame man, lame man lame man, HEALED!!! or When are you coming back Jesus??? Not yet, When are you coming Jesus??? Not yet…etc
    Daniel in the Lions Den – sleeping lions
    Jesus heals the blind man – Marco Polo
    The possibilities are endless!!!

  3. they are hilarious… (your children and the movie/game)
    it will be even better when we have all our girls playing it next year (if I write it, surely it will happen) without adult participation (added confusion a bonus!)

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