on the move

TB crawled for the first time over the weekend whilst we were staying at Mum & Dads house. It was so fun to watch her try and figure it all out over the past couple of weeks, and then – success!! She has been busy this week trying to figure out which door leads to where in our house. She is crawling up on her hands and knees, which is different to the way Mooey crawled – again showing us how different two little people can be!
Here are some photos from our Anzac Day long weekend:
TB after she had crawled
anzacday2008 005
Sisters having a morning cuddle
anzacday2008 020
Moo learning to pose for the camera
anzacday2008 002

4 thoughts on “on the move”

  1. who’s awesome highchair is that in the background!? I am loving it.
    Also loving the “cheese” smile.

  2. hahaha that last posed photo of maisy is so funny, especially her clasped school girl hands, why, she’s ready to take a grade photo!

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