I complain about not finding enough time over the weekend to relax and unwind from my crazy week, but as soon as I have some time to myself, I find myself walking around the house “looking” for things to do – I cant just sit and relax like I want to, because all of a sudden there are 1000 things to do (that have been there all week) but I cannot stop thinking about them.
I also feel like I spend so much time with the girls, that I need a break – but when I get a break I cannot stop thinking about them and wonder what they are doing and wanting to see them and play with them.
Both of these things tied into one last weekend when I announced on Friday night that I would be having a sleep in on Saturday morning… Well, as soon as the girls were both up – I ended up getting up just because. My body ached for me to stay in bed, but my heart said “get up sleepy head and enjoy the delights of family time on a sunny day”.
I assume that this is normal and everyone else in the world suffers from similar situations… Well, thats what Ill tell myself to make it feel better!

One thought on “why?”

  1. Completely and utterly normal! I can’t stand the fact that when I go out for my weekly coffee on Saturday while Matt baby-sits after a little while I’m over the “me-time” and ready to go home and have fun with the family. 🙂

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