Well, we have moved out of our rental house and we are living with Jill, Phil & Jacqua which the girls just think is great – they squeal with delight every morning when they hear Poppy Phil getting ready for work!
Maisie will be 3 soon – or 3 year as she says. At this stage she wants a yellow party so we will see how we go with that. She is growing up so quickly and is constantly singing and dancing and jumping all over the place. Like most kids her age she loves to read books, at bed time she likes us to read to her and then she likes to read it back to us which draws out the bed time, but it is fun to hear her explain the story back to you. Her favourite game at the moment is playing duplo. There is a huge box from when Lisa and her siblings were growing up here and Maisie is enjoying exploring her creative play. She loves to talk on the phone and is always wanting to call people to chat.
So, if Maisie is turning 3 soon, it means that Tally will be turning 2! The last few weeks have seen Tally develop her speech a lot more and she loves it when she explains something and we get what she is explaining – a huge grin and a “huhuh” usually means that we have got it correct. She is putting more and more words together every day – sentances that we have been gettng for a while now are ” I did it” “I want it” “read this one”. She is very set in her ways and likes things to be done a certain way and has a very short temper – she has to strap herself into her chair at the table – look out if you try and do it for her… She loves to jump on the trampoline and also to copy almost everything that her older sister does. She is still an eating machine – her favourite foods are cheese and biscuits of any kind.
Alice is 5 months now and a rolling machine. We put her down on her back on the floor and she starts rolling all over the place. She spins herself right around and has been inching her way forward to get to things. She is very close to sitting and loves to stand up and jump around in the jolly jumper. She has started eating rice cereal which has seen an improvement in her tummy troubles. She enjoys being outside with the girls and loves Maisie to swing her in the swing – it usually brings a fit of giggles to everyone. The girls all have their evening baths together which Alice just loves.
So, we will be living here for a bit until we sort out the Wagga house and then we will figure it out from there. We are enjoying exploring Albury again and it still feels like we are brand new – but we have been here for over 6 months now!

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