So long, farewell… from the Sound of Music (extended edition)

Watch Maisie and Tally perform the moves. Listen for Tally’s perfectly timed ‘No’ to Maisie’s request to drink her first champagne.
In case you are wondering what’s going on at the end, that’s Tally performing the final part of the song from the movie where Gretel goes to sleep on the stairs and she gets carried up the stairs by an older sibling (in our reenactment, it’s me lifting her with one arm and plonking her on the couch).

3 thoughts on “So long, farewell… from the Sound of Music (extended edition)”

  1. this is our favourite video of the year… I think the Whitbourn girls might just have raised Elie’s interest levels in watching sound of music… we also LOVE Maisie’s skirt, and Alice’s late entrance!

  2. Loved it loved it loved it…. and the girls.
    Makes my heart smile to see your beautiful little family enjoying such things.
    Miss their growing up so THANK YOU for bits like this. BIG hugs

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