Pippa @ 2.8

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Icon Jul 9, 2013


Pippy has well and truly entered the “terrible twos”. Such a horrible name – but so true! Tantys galore over here at the moment. She is such a beautiful child – but when shes had enough – shes had enough. Her favourite games are little people and playing mums and babies with her big sisters. She has enjoyed school holidays the most out of everyone – cause she has so many people to play with.

She loves to help around the house – she takes her dirty clothes basket from her room to the laundry and empties it out into the washing machine. She is still having a lunch time sleep and she loves going to creche whilst I play basketball on a Thursday morning – she calls the ladies “my teachers”. She runs over to the school to pick up her sisters and is excited that she gets to have a party this year for her birthday.