Out and about

This morning the Whitbourn girls had their first outing without the help of Cade (he was at the osteo).
We went to the shopping centre to go to the Chemist and to Coles. The whole trip from car to shops and back to car took us about 30 minutes.
I thought having a double pram with two girls under two in it made people stare for longer than normal.
Add to that a newborn strapped into a baby bjorn and it brings a whole new level of people looking for longer than what is the polite amount of time to stare.

One thought on “Out and about”

  1. Well done! 30mins! That must be record time. I reckon it would take me that long just to get all three in and out of the car let alone a shopping outing as well. I avoid at all costs taking my two out to the shops… as for the people’s stares… eh, what can you do? Just wish that people would mind their own business. You guys have a gorgeous family and have been incredibly blessed by God. Hectic I am sure some days (or most days), but a real treasure.
    Daughters(my translation!) are a heritage from the LORD,
    children a reward from him.
    Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are daughters (me again) born in one’s youth.
    Blessed is the woman (my translation again!)
    whose quiver is full of them. Ps 127:3-6

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