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Icon Jul 7, 2007

Note: The purpose of this post is primarily for Lisa and I to read in the future to remind ourselves of what our lives used to be like during our golden era of having two parents and one 12mth old child.
The following is an outline of our nightly routine. The order of events almost always stays the same. The time frames may shift 30min either way, but most days we keep within a few minutes of the times below. Maisie responds well to a strict routine. Her behavior is very consistent and therefore predictable. Once we put her into bed at night, 9/10 times we don’t hear a peep. The exceptions to this rule are usually caused by an extraordinary day or a muddled up nightly routine.
6:00-6:30pm: Dinner.
6:30-6:50pm: Playtime. Usually wrestles with Dad or walking practice or Charlie (cat) chasing.
6:50-7:15pm: Bathtime.
7:15-7:30pm: Bottle (milk). While she drinks we read her 2 bible stories and pray.
7:30pm: Bed.
7:30pm-rest of the night: Mummy and Daddy time.
Not only is the order and time frame of events routine, but the details at each stage is also very precise. Some tasks Lisa does, some tasks I do, and some tasks we do together – right down to the timing of the zipping her into her sleeping bag.
In essence – every night is the same, in almost every way. And that’s the way we like it. But that’s all soon going to change…

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  1. Lisa says:

    this is nanny Jill. the routine you have selected as your favourite settling routine is excellent to say the least. I am totally proud and impressed, and all others with offspring should at least attempt to replicate it in some way, shape or form. Not that I am biased, but as an experienced parent person, I think YOU’VE ALL DONE VERY WELL. Keep up the good work and always remember to keep the dream alive.x x Mumsie

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