more about routines

This is what life is currently like for us with a 2.5 year old, 1.5 year old, 11 day old and two stay at home parents.
6am – Cade gets up, Lisa & Alice usually feeding
6:30am – Maisie gets up
8:00am – Talia gets up, breakfast time for everyone, Lisa & Alice back in bed by now
10:00am – Morning tea time, Alice due for next feed
12:00pm – Lunch time/sleep time for everyone
2:00pm – Alice due for next feed
3:00pm – Everyone usually up by now, afternoon tea time
6:00pm – Dinner time for everyone including Alice
6:30pm – Bath time for Maisie & Talia
7:30pm – Bible story and bed time for Maisie & Talia, Cade packs dishwasher, Lisa & Alice back to bed
10:00pm – Alice due for next feed, Cade to bed
2:00am – Alice due for next feed
and then we start all over again…
Now, everyday is different and there are many other things that have to happen in the day like washing and cleaning and toilet training and nappy changing and trying to explain not to get to close to Alice and shopping and trying to explain how to share and preparing food and dancing time in the lounge room, but most days this is the pattern that has been followed. It seems to have worked quite well so far and I am really not looking forward to the day when Cade goes back to work…

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