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Icon Aug 22, 2010

So after getting very excited about the upcoming summertime fun that we are planning to have in our pool, we closely inspected the pool deck and realised that it was quite unsafe with nails and screws rusting and just popping out of the decking. Once we mentioned it to a couple of people, it was clear that the decking was put on upside down by the previous owners of the house. We decided that something needed to be done, as the boards were able to be pulled up with not much effort at all.
We began this weekend – stage one of ripping up all the boards and de bolting the old concrete:
getting there

hard a work

decking boards

I had the important job of getting all these stones out of this gutter section.

They filled the wheelbarrow!
neat edges

This was my only job. Note how important it was. Cade has done the rest completely on his own – everything. He pulled up all the boards in record time before it rained yesterday afternoon and then has spent the whole day de bolting and ripping out the other bits of randomness that surround the pool. He really is my hero!

In other outside news – carrots, snowpeas and strawberries are planted. Now, we just have to make sure they dont drown between the rain and the girls keenness to water them.

gardening time