Helpful Friends

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Icon Jun 27, 2007

Today I had the exciting job of going to the NRMA with Moo and getting a green slip to then go and rego up our new/old car. The NRMA office that I went to had a customer car park, so I thought I would use it for the first time so that I didnt have to walk too far in my present condition.
I got through the gate and parked the car and went to walk over to the path that leads me up to the doors, but there was a car parked right in the way of the entrance (in front of a sign clearly marked “NO PARKING”) so I couldnt push the pram through. I thought about getting Moo out of the pram, putting her over the side of the rail and then lifting the pram over the rail and heading on my way, but as I was just undoing the straps of the pram, a lovely lady that was coming out of the office saw the problem and asked if I would like some help. We lifted the pram up over the top of this persons car and when I got to the other side, I saw that there were only stairs to get up to the office and as I was noticing this, my helpful friend again asked if I would like her assistance in carrying the pram up the stairs, which I took up and thanked her for.
Now, at this stage I was fine to get into the office and do my dealings that needed to be done. Whilst I was transacting, I asked my customer service operator if there was an easier way of getting back down into the car park. He thought about it and then started telling me that they had only just built this new gate a few weeks ago and that he hadnt realised that there was no ramp for prams/wheelchairs etc etc. I said that was fine, but he kept on talking about how bad it was and that he would be happy to help me get back through to the car park when I had finished doing what I had to do. I had to go to the RTA still, so I checked that this would be okay with him and he said that it would be fine, just to come back in when I was ready to go.
So, when I was done at the RTA, I went back over to the NRMA and started to walk back into the office, when I had the thought that I could pbly just lift the pram over myself instead of having to stop this guy from doing his actual paid job. But then I thought, if something happened to me, Moo or the baby, that I would not be impressed with the whole situation and that when someone offers help – that I should just take it, and he might have actually wanted to get out of the office for 5 minutes of peace.
When he saw me come in, he finished up with his customer and then came to help me back down to the car park. Whilst we were walking out of the building, he told me that he had not only spoken to his manager about the situation, but also contacted someone else about what they had planned for changing the way that the access was to the car park and if they would be able to resolve the problem. He then helped me down the stairs and back over the car that was in the way, smiled and told me to have a wonderful day.
Now, thats what I call service with a smile…