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Icon Aug 13, 2008

1 Cat named Charlie – female, mostly friendly, likes to be kept warm and snuggle up to people and enjoys eating. DOB December 2002.
1 Dog named Punky – female, very friendly, likes to lick and jump on people, also enjoys being kept warm and eating. DOB March 2004.
I did always say that after I had children, my animals would still have a place in my heart as they are such a beautiful part of our family – BUT THEY ARE NOT. THEY ARE EVIL, ANNOYING, STINKY, DISGUSTING creatures with NO RESPECT for our lovely home or us.
THIS IS A WARNING GIRLS – consider yourselves on very very very THIN ice…

2 Replies to “FOR SALE”

  1. Cade says:

    Some context might be helpful…
    Monday night – Charlie slept in the laundry. Sometime during the night she defecated in a very messy way on Maisie’s Banana’s in Pyjama’s foam couch, then ripped bits out of the foam basically destroying it.
    Tuesday night – Punky slept in the study. Sometime during the night she managed to open my work bag, drag out my clothes, and eat my peanut butter bread rolls that I had prepared for my lunch the next day. Thankfully she didn’t eat my 4 pieces of fruit which she dispersed around the room (Still not sure how she managed to remove the cling wrap from my bread rolls all in one piece).

  2. Laura says:

    trying not to laugh… but failing miserably…
    our own version for sale scaled the newly constructed 2m high fence this afternoon (that Ben just finished extending) in a bid of jelousy as Eliana and I were across the road riding her trike.

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