Farrer Cleaning Services is a bad business

Not impressed with the services of Debbie Farrer from Farrer Cleaning Services.
Having vacated our home in Wagga to move to Albury, we contacted Farrer Cleaning Services to do some cleaning for us. They were to pick up the keys from our rental agent, clean the bathroom and kitchen, and return the keys to our agent by this morning, so that our new tenants could sign the lease and pick up the keys this afternoon.
This morning they contacted the agent to tell them they had been cleaning our house till 3am (!) and could not return the keys till this afternoon.
We called Farrer Cleaning Services and were told that she spent 12 hours cleaning our kitchen and bathroom. Not having any experience with domestic cleaning services, I called her back to query the time spent, and what she had actually cleaned that took soo long.
Debbie gave me a verbal barrage and then hung up on me. Yes, hung up on me. What a way to treat a customer. I called her straight back. She gave me another barrage and then hung up on me.
We called our rental agent and were informed that Debbie Farrer was now refusing to give the agent our house keys back until we paid the bill. Given that it was almost 3pm, and our new tenants were expecting to pick up the keys at 4pm, what were we to do?
Stay tuned for the next installment.
The lesson so far is clear – whatever you do, don’t use Farrer Cleaning Services.

2 thoughts on “Farrer Cleaning Services is a bad business”

  1. we know – thats why we questioned the 12 hours work, only to be abused verbally and then via text message the next day! Crazy experience..

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