Family of 6(!) update

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Icon Dec 1, 2010

Well, life is busy around here these days and it doesnt look like slowing down anytime soon! Four girls – it still hasnt sunk in that we have four girls!

The girls are very much in love with their new baby sister and are keen to help out in any way possible. Pippa really doesnt cry very much, but when she does they ask “what is Pippa trying to tell us”. She has been a dream baby – for those interested in stats she is feeding every four hour, just like her biggest sister did. Pippa has just come out in her 3 week pimples, again just like her biggest sister!

The amount of photos that we have taken is insane. So many great shots Im thinking of turning my lounge room into a photo display room! Here are some from the past week or so.

Cece & Pip Pip

Pippa in bath

Pippa Elise

Pippa and Mooba

Pippa & Tal

Alice & Pippa

Mamma & Pippa