Crayola Sidewalk Paint

Today we got stuck into the new paint that I bought on sale the other week. Its called Crayola Sidewalk Paint and it is designed for use on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. The girls had a great time painting on the ground with it:
Talia and Maisie with sidewalk paint
Crayola sidewalk paint!
Painting fun
Talia Whitbourn
Maisie Whitbourn
Alice was asleep, so she missed out on the painting fun, but she made up for it at breakfast time by “painting” with her yogurt…
Alice eating breakfast
Alice eating breakfast 2

3 Replies to “Crayola Sidewalk Paint”

  1. Emma M says:

    That stuff looks awesome!! Water soluable? wash away with rain or does it need a soapy scrub?

  2. Laura says:

    now to make sure the girls don’t find other paint to use on the concrete…. 🙂
    they are awesome hand prints ps – nice spread!

  3. may says:

    hahahaha oh alice.
    can’t wait to play with her when we’re in albury!
    ps. i like how seriously tali is rolling the paint on the sidewalk in the second photo!

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