ah, the joys!

One great thing about having your own home, is that you can just dig up or knock down anything in site. Cade and the girls made a start on the veggie patch last weekend, it was a cold horrible weekend, but they had a great time digging around in the dirt and sand. There is lots to be done, so therefore many more weekends of dirty times ahead!

Cece, Tal, Moo
the girls


Cece & Moo
Alice & Maisie


grumpy faces all round
everyone doing their grumpy face


Miss Maisie

3 thoughts on “ah, the joys!”

  1. Hahaha, Alice’s grumpy face is much more ‘blue steel’ than grumpy!
    Now, Tali’s grumpy face… that IS convincing!

    Let us know how your veggie garden goes. Plant some peas, they seem to be able to grow ANYWHERE. People at work just told me about how one grew in someone’s lung… yuck yuck yuck!

    PS. We’re thinking of planting a little herb garden.

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