ah, kids!

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Icon Dec 24, 2010

I dont think I have ever laughed quite so much since my children have learnt to speak. All day every day I am constantly kept amused by the goings on of my household. I can only imagine it gets better and better!

Maisie “the reason that I have to get up at night time is because i have pains”
Lisa “which part of your body has pain”
Maisie “all the parts”

Alice “treat?”
Lisa “why should you have a treat?”
Alice “tause” (because)

Talia “im sooooo tired”
Lisa “well, get big bird and go for a nap then”
Talia “biggy birdy doesnt want a nap”

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  1. Em Sorgdrager says:

    It does get better! However the stuff they come out with as 2 and 3-year-olds is so precious because once they get that bit older… you never hear it again… ie- “Ariene has two bottoms- there’s an extra one at the front!!” (ronan at 2)

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