2014 begins

We had a super busy start to the year… so Ill just catch up all at once!

Tumut 2014 was funtastic. The fires were raging, so we had a night in the hills before heading back to Blowering.

January was made even more exciting with our new cousin Klay being born! He is super cute and we love him so much. We couldn’t wait to get home form camping to visit him.

Aunty Jacq and Aunty Nat came to town – it was great to see them both!

Pippy started Pre School on a friday morning!!

Alice started kinder

All the girls ready for school (and mums first morning off)

Pippy and Mumma went to the Play School concert – here is Pippy doing the teapot song

Cade and Lisa hiked Mount Bogong for our 12 year wedding anniversary.

Easter time 2014

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