Pippa turns 3

Our baby girl is 3 now! She had a wonderful birthday on Sunday – complete with a party with all her friends in the afternoon.
She has cut up her happy dummy now that she is a big girl and can’t wait to go to pre school next year.





She is such a joy – full of questions and comments on life, singing songs all day, playing games of mums and sisters and loves to socialise with her friends. She even had her first hair trim this week!


Happy birthday Toots!

Pippy turns 2!!

Pippa had a birthday on the weekend – she turned 2! We had a fun day opening presents (which she can say very well) and then eating her “lolly take” – which she has been talking about for months.

Making the birthday cake
“helping” make the cake

Present time with sisters

present time

blowing out the candles
She had been singing to herself all week “happy birthday to you” and wanted to do the “tandles”

cake time
She got them out in one go!

yay, I did it!
” YAY I did it” is what she loves to say after doing something!

Two is such a fun age – the conversations that we have are so funny. She cracks us up every day with the funny things she does and says. She called Cade a stinky butt the other day – for no reason… She loves Peppa Pig, the Wiggles and Dor Dor (Dora). She gets upset over the littlest things and says “it hurts me”. “ohhh Mannnn” is what she comes out with all the time (thanks Dora) and she has the most beautiful manners that I have ever heard from a 2 year old – if you ask her something and she doesnt want to do it “no thank you”. She seems like such a big girl but she is still our baby!

Toilet Training Take 3

Alice has decided that she too would like to be toilet trained please – so off we go for the third time with shouts of joy for wees and poos in the toilet….

Different again to the last two girls – she started telling us when she was doing “something” in her nappy quite a few weeks ago now, and then we let her have a sit on the toilet, which she enjoyed so much that everytime she did number 2 in her nappy she would HAVE to sit on the toilet before having her nappy changed.

She has a feisty attitude, so we let her do this, thinking nothing of it, but then the wees came… and off to the toilet she went!! The first day of really stepping things up I think I spent about 5.5 hours on the bathroom floor whilst she just sat and sat and asked to sit. Thats when I realised that she wasnt in fact going to wait until she was big enough to get on the toilet herself, or until summer time when my belly isnt so big and its warm enough to just wear knickers around the house.

So, we have been dry and clean now for about 5 days, even overnight she will wake up and call out for us to take her to the toilet. She is in cloth knickers, just because I havent had a chance to get to the shops to get anything small enough to fit her teeny tiny little bottom. I am really not expecting too much of her at this stage – she is only 21 months, and I am very aware that once this baby is born she may just decide to go backwards – but we are very very proud of her and her big sisters think its pretty cool too.

30 I now am.

30 today!
gah! I really didnt want this day to come, but it arrived and departed quicker than I expected. Its all over and done now – and yes, I am now 30 – which is harder to say than 29, but I figure that I have purchased 3 houses, had 3 children in 3 years and will have to move again this year for about the 333 time (well..) so I can be out and proud about being the big 3.0.
Alice, Maisie, Lisa, Tally

Alice walks today

Alice Whitbourn started walking for the first time today. Her first proper unassisted steps were actually walking down the aisle of church this morning.
She is basically 13.5mths old now, which is the same age that Maisie started to walk (We remember because Lisa was in the hospital that day giving birth to Talia).
Hopefully she remembers her new skills tomorrow.

For some reason, the first thing that comes to my mind musically when I think of babies walking is ‘Intergalactic’ by the Beastie Boys (closely followed by ‘Jesus Walks’ by Kayne West – but I think that would be even less appropriate).

Maisie Elizabeth @ 3.5

I have been trying to get around to doing this post for a while now – but it just seems like there is far too much to write about our darling eldest child. It seems pretty much that every parent I speak to that their kids enjoy doing all the same things as what she does, so here is a brief run down for us to look back on for the future.
Maisie loves to sing and dance. She is a very girly girl. She loves to put on dress ups and dance around anywhere and everywhere (even in the supermarket). The Sound of Music is the most regularly played CD around here at the moment alongside Colins Favorites – with Super Saviour the most requested at the moment. Her favorite colour is pink. She loves to read books and does different voices for the different characters.
She still needs her routine and likes to ask “but what after” when we will be doing something later in the day. She still has a lunchtime sleep time most days and she still takes one of her old wraps from when she was a baby to bed with her. She can spell out and write her name (when she feels like it!) and loves to draw and paint. She loves to do anything crafty with sticky tape and glue. Her current favorite dinner is sausages.
She enjoys playing outside with water and rides her big girls bike with training wheels all over the place. She has gone from not wanting to put her head under the water to jumping in and swimming across the pool at Great Grandma Marys house in about 6 weeks. She is very aware of her environment and knows where to go if we are driving somewhere familiar. She has started to push the boundaries like answering back to us and also picking fights her sisters. She picks up the funniest things, like at the moment its very important to her to let us know who her “best friends are” (they change all the time…)
She is looking forward to her pre school day this year – she is talking about it all the time, and this morning she drew a picture all about it.
Maisie Whitbourn
Pre School drawing
The people up the top are her family and up on the right is Hamish and herself going off to her preschool which is down the bottom. The person that is purple down the bottom is Helen, her preschool teacher!

Alice Joy @ 1.0

Alice Joy is now 1!! We had a fun day with lots of visitors for her birthday. Here she is having a play outside.
1 year old Cheese!!
Alice climbing - 1 year old
1 year old today!
Alice is still very much a Mummas girl – although she is fine when her Mumma is not around! She has done things differently to how her big sisters have done them – proving once again that all children are different and unique.
AJ (or Ceecee, Gluey, glue stick, bubba ganoosh) still loves sleeping on her tummy. She loves to eat and drink and is happy to be fed at breakfast time – but not at dinner time! She likes to tip out her dinner onto her tray and sort through it all. She loves corn on the cob and ice cream in a cone!
She loves the water – swimming, bath time and sprinkler time. She loves the shower so much that if she hears it on she makes her way to the bathroom and gets in clothed with you! She crawls up on all fours and also cruises around the furniture, pushing anything that will move so that she can practice her walking. She LOVES to climb. Its not uncommon for us to walk into the lounge room and for her to have pushed something up against the coffee table or couches and have climbed up onto them and be hanging over the edge.
She gets frustrated easily, usually about having toys taken off her or her sisters getting up in her face. She says “sista” for both of her sisters. They both answer!! She likes to talk on the phone to Dadda at work – she puts the phone on her face and just listens to Cade talk to her. She is a groover and loves to sing and dance with Colin and the Wiggles.
She is still in size 0 clothes and we weighed her today and she is just about 9 kilos. Her hair is somedays the colour of Maisies hair and then somedays the colour of Talias hair. She has a more oval face than the other two, and she has the most beautiful sparkling blue eyes.
She has been by far the most challenging baby. The first 9 months were quite intense and I am so glad that we have reached the 1 year old milestone! She is a happy little girl and loves to give big kisses! It will be interesting to see how her personality develops over the next year…

Talia Mersey 2.5

2.5 year old CHEESE
Tally is our beautiful, goofy, sensitive, clumsy middle child who is very emotional and explores her little world through all of her senses. She doesnt like loud noises much at all, she loves going to bed smelling her smelly old big bird, she doesnt like the touch of certain things on her skin (like the tags on shirts) and she can throw a tanty with the best of them.
Talia the Artist
She loves her sisters with all of her heart – she likes to copy everything that her big sister does, and likes to make her little sister laugh. We have noticed that she really enjoys being with other little babies, esp when Ewan came to visit.
Summer time fun
Baby Ewan and Tal
Being able to watch her as she develops her speech and language is such an amazing thing to enjoy! She loves making up little games and singing songs. She is speaking so well – putting whole sentences together and clearly pronouncing her words.
Master Chef
These boots were made for walking
Wii Fit
She is always on the go – but she always needs her sleep. Its not uncommon for her to ask to go to bed with her “happy” and her big bird. She is very kissy and cuddly – happy to give kisses to everyone she loves.
My Big Bird

Toilet Training Take 2

When I look back at the time when we were encouraging Maisie to start to toilet train, I remember wishing that she would just click it on overnight and then we would be done.
I remember hearing about kids who just decided on their own that they wanted to go to the toilet and there was no need for pull ups, pottys, cloth knickers, star charts and the promise of treats – snakes, lolly pops, freddos – the list goes on.
I remember reading books and websites about how to and when to and what to do and what not to do and how not to do it.
I remember fighting the fact that she wanted to wear knickers, but clearly wasnt ready to, but wasnt going to go back to nappies to save us spending most of our days cleaning up after her.
I remember cleaning puddles upon puddles of wee and the grossness of number 2s done in Dora knickers.
Now, I will remember that Miss Tally at just 2 years and 1 month is one of those kids that just clicked it on and has been in knickers all week and hasnt had any accidents AT ALL. I will also remember that this had nothing to do with US as parents, that she just decided to do it ALL BY HERSELF. No need for pottys or pull ups or star charts. I will remember this and what an awesome experience the past week has been – even if she goes backwards, she has been an absolute champ.

on the move

TB crawled for the first time over the weekend whilst we were staying at Mum & Dads house. It was so fun to watch her try and figure it all out over the past couple of weeks, and then – success!! She has been busy this week trying to figure out which door leads to where in our house. She is crawling up on her hands and knees, which is different to the way Mooey crawled – again showing us how different two little people can be!
Here are some photos from our Anzac Day long weekend:
TB after she had crawled
anzacday2008 005
Sisters having a morning cuddle
anzacday2008 020
Moo learning to pose for the camera
anzacday2008 002