Maisie is learning the books of the bible as well…

Inspired by our friends, we have started teaching our girls the books of the bible. Maisie has learnt from Genesis through to Daniel so far. We have been trying to sing them to the tune that I learnt from my Dad many years ago (“66 books in God’s Holy word, telling the stories of Jesus my Lord.”).
Unfortunately I can’t strum a guitar to keep the tune in check, but she does a good job nonetheless.

my friends

Brooke from playschool just asked the question as she was reading the book of the day “who are your friends?” and Maisie answered her “Tally, Alice, Mamma & Dadda”.
So glad that we are counted as her friends!

Hanging out

Maisie told me today that she wanted to go and “hang out” with Aunty Kate.
When I told her thats what we were doing, she replied “not with you mummy, just drop me off so I can hang out with Aunty Kate by myself”.
Its nice to feel wanted.

Maisie and her new things

Maisie modelling her new hair clip that she got last weekend from the markets (awesome clips – they dont pull her hair out or hurt her head, AND they are home made by a 6 year old!)
jan090109 007
Tali was a bit jealous (as she has no hair for hair clips) so here they both are saying”CHEEEESE” with Tali pretending to have a hair clip.
jan090109 004
Maisie got some “sunnies” from Aunties Kate & Jacq, and they were the first things she thought of after she woke up from her lunchtime sleep.
jan090109 013
And then she and Cade went to the shops, looking like twins…
jan090109 017

Maisie @ 2.5

Just because I want the memories and dont know where else to put them…
“Ohhh, Alice – its okay. I am here. You can get your wind out now little bubby”
“Who are you talking about”
“NO Daddy, I want to talk to Mummy. You stop talking now”
“Old McDonald had a schnitzel”
“Daddy – I want to punkd those kids – punk punk”(punch in the air as punk punk is said)
“Thats for schizay”
“I want to jump on my trampelteen now”

reading time

Since we moved, I have put all of the kids books into a bigger box so that they would all fit instead of being all over the floor. The only problem with this is that a lot of them are now right down the bottom of the box and we have not seen them for the past month or so.
So, this morning we emptied out the box – and it was the most exciting time! Maisie has not moved from beside the box, picking out book after book and reading them to Tali and I. I will have to remember to “empty” the box more often!

National Toddler Day

I think there should be a National Toddler Day where toddlers can do whatever they want – just for one day, so they can see that really they need boundaries and rules set for them to make their life easier.
I have become very aware of the boundaries and rules that are constantly given to Miss Maisie and she has started to come back with “why not?”. I am not ready for this next stage of parenting yet – I dont have all the answers nor the brain power to source them at this time.
Another thing that I am not ready for is that Tali has to copy everything that Maisie does – everything. Lets just say that meal times at our house are very funny at the moment and its hard to laugh on the inside all the time…

Talking it up 2 year old style

This morning on the way back from dropping Cade out to work Maisie and I had the following conversation:
M – Mummy, i lowed to jump on your bed
L – No Maisie, you are not allowed to jump on my bed
M – Yes me is Mummy
L – No Maisie, you are not allowed to jump on my bed
M – Daddy says yes me can jump on your bed
L – Your pants are on fire – Daddy did not say that
M – Your pants on fire Mummy
L – Okay. Fine.
She then went on to sing her new favourite song “the princess slept for 100 years” you can pick up what she is singing if you follow very closely…
“princess sleep 100 years, long long ago”
“galent prince riding, long long ago”
“kissed princess with kiss (insert big kissing noises), long long ago”
“everybody happy now, long long ago”
She also created a new word the other day  РHuggle. Its a cross between a hug and a cuddle, I think she got both words muddled up and out it came!

Potty Training (that worked for us)

Maisie is going for gold with her potty training – this is run down of what worked for us.
Potty/Toilet seat: We got both and she would sit on both, but ended up choosing the potty to do her work on.
Knickers: “Dora” knickers were bought on a special shopping trip and then worn during the day to get used to the dry/wetness. This was the first step towards getting to the potty on time. Once she realised what was happening, it was just a matter of getting there quickly.
Treats: We started with frozen freddos (so they dont melt when she is eating) and then went to snakes and then went to a star chart in which after a few stars she gets a treat.
She is now in knickers all day apart from bedtimes and we have had some interesting potty stops (like on the way to albury on the side of the road with the potty on the floor of the car!) She looks so funny in her pants that used to have a massive big nappy there – now she needs a belt to hold most of her pants up!
The exciting thing is that we get to do it all again next year~ and the year after that!

No Mummy

When Maisie and I were talking about names for #3 this morning, she then went on to tell me my name was Lisa Whitbourn and her name was Maisie Whitbourn…
“Yes, that is your name. Your whole name is actually Maisie Elizabeth Whitbourn”
“No Mummy – Maisie Moo Whitbourn”

the beginning of the end

We have kicked toilet training into high gear here as Maisie decided to start using the potty. She is going great guns but this means long busy days waiting around for “things” to happen.
Its an interesting experiment of sorts – and one that Im sure is a massive thing for each parent to go through, and then forget about and only when prompted to remember does it all come flooding back.
Right now it is the biggest thing going on in the world to us – its taking up a lot more energy than I thought that it ever would, potty has to come here there and everywhere with us in a plastic bag and dragged from room to room around the house, knickers are worn loud and proud for the whole world to see and “pull ups” are now a part of the wardrobe for when we are going to be away from home for long periods of time.
Im sure this is just another stage of parenting that will come and go as quickly as the next thing – but at the moment it feels like we are in for a long ride!
*Monday Update – Dry all day as at 3:30pm. We have switched the treat from Freddos to Natural Confectionary Snakes with success!