off off and away

I am about to head to Sydney for a 48 hour “all about me fest”.
I have not been thinking too much about this trip, as we have had so much going on here in the past few weeks, that the weekend has crept up and grabbed me by surprise, so I really have not thought about what in fact I will be doing or where I will be going – all I know is that I am getting on a plane this afternoon and I will be flying back home on Sunday night.
So much to do and so little time to do it in – but I’m sure it will be fantastic fun.

policelady and policeman visit

Call me Esme if you will, but today a strange event took place in our street and it ended in a visit from the Top Cops of Wagga Wagga.
I was on the phone just looking out our front window when I noticed two punk kids walking down our street with sticks in their hands. They walked past our house and then stopped about 10 metres down the road and then turned back and walked back towards our neighbours house that live across from us. They stood around for a couple of minutes and then one of them ran up the driveway, grabbed a 3 wheeled scooter and then they both took off down the road. I got some shoes on and ran across the road (whilst still on the phone) and knocked on my neighbours door, but no one was home. So, I ran back home and decided to call the police.
Now, I know that its not 000 that I should dial, as it wasnt an emergancy – but the phone number for the police station wasnt anywhere in the front of the book, so I flicked the pages of “P” and finally found it, was put thru to a “hotline” and then told the lady the above story. She said that they would send a car out to investigate and that they would pbly pop around here to ask some more details.
When they arrived, Maisie and Tali sat on the window sill and amused the both of them whilst I re told the story. They told me that they had caught the kids and had the scooter back but the problem was – which kid was the kid that actually took it! They re took my details and said that I may be called apon to make a statement if our neighbours decide to take further action and then they left. It was all very crazy and all happened very quickly, and Maisie has been quite excited about the policelady and policeman that came to visit.

wow – its light at this hour??

This morning the girls woke each other up at about 6:20, which is the earliest either of them have been awake in a very long time. Its also the earliest that I have had to get up in a long time.
Whats weird is that Cade gets up at 6 every morning, and has been telling me how light it is getting and I smile and agree – as I know I dont ever want to see it- but this morning I finally know what he is talking about. Not that it makes it any easier to get out of bed!


I complain about not finding enough time over the weekend to relax and unwind from my crazy week, but as soon as I have some time to myself, I find myself walking around the house “looking” for things to do – I cant just sit and relax like I want to, because all of a sudden there are 1000 things to do (that have been there all week) but I cannot stop thinking about them.
I also feel like I spend so much time with the girls, that I need a break – but when I get a break I cannot stop thinking about them and wonder what they are doing and wanting to see them and play with them.
Both of these things tied into one last weekend when I announced on Friday night that I would be having a sleep in on Saturday morning… Well, as soon as the girls were both up – I ended up getting up just because. My body ached for me to stay in bed, but my heart said “get up sleepy head and enjoy the delights of family time on a sunny day”.
I assume that this is normal and everyone else in the world suffers from similar situations… Well, thats what Ill tell myself to make it feel better!

sleepy mornings

Usually (this is most, not all) we Whitbourn girls get up around 7:00-8:00am. Now, there are occasions when its both of them up early or both of them up late, but more recently it is one or the other up so I can get away with staying in bed longer with one of them by my side having a snuggle time.
I have never been a morning person, I dont think I ever will be. I got Cade to “drop” Maisie into our bed this morning as she had woken up at 7:20am and I couldnt pull myself out into the cold morning air. As we lay together snuggled under a pile of blankets I was telling her about when she was a little baby and I used to bring her into Mummys bed in the morning after Daddy had gone to work and we would play and sing and then have another sleep before getting up for breakfast. She lay there listening to me with a tiny little grin on her face – and I couldnt help but wonder what she was thinking about… We lasted in bed until 7:50am, when she sat up and announced that it was “time to get out”, so my morning then finally had to start.
Now – I am not complaning at all – as I am very well aware of children (im talking about you Eli!) that feel the need to wake BEFORE 7am – which is really just punishment! I am thankful for any extra sleep that I can squeeze into my mornings and I do enjoy having a snuggle with my precious girls – as I know that it has a limited time frame!

just hurry up already

I fell over on the tiles at our front door after chasing my nephew thru the door whilst trying to kick him in the backside.
I am happy to admit what a stupid thing it was to do – not only because I have a history of falling over when least expected, or that my nephew can clearly outrun me (and pbly out kick me as well), but that I am even more likely to fall whilst pregnant as I have no balance at all. This would equal about 4 pregnant falls over my 3 pregnancies.
The way I fell was straight onto my backside – at the time I thought to myself “wow – thats gonna hurt tomorrow and how embarssing to fall in front of most of my husbands family, lucky I am behind a wall and most of them cannot see me”, but I never thought that 5 WEEKS LATER it would still be sore.
Now, it is on the improve. It is much better than the first few weeks, but I cannot understand how it is still sore. I have to sit weird still and when I try and hop up from sitting on the floor, it aches like nothing else.
Of course, I did tell the midwife about it at my last appointment, and she said that there was nothing that they can do for me – that it sounded like I had either brusied, cracked or broken my tailbone but they couldnt do an xray due to my pregnancy and that I would just have to wait it out.
So I am a bit over it all now – I just want the pain in my backside TO GO AWAY already.
I have learnt my lesson. Dont chase your nephew around on tiles whilst trying to kick him…. (catch him first and then kick him)

things i dont miss about sydney

1. The garbage truck that used to trek down Lorraine St at approx 4:30am in the morning. We have a much more suitable time of 7:00am here.
2. Traffic.
3. Rushing to get anywhere on time. This includes having to leave 1/2 hour before you need to be somewhere on time, that really is only 5 minutes away. (example of this is to get to my Doctors office in Kogarah – I knew that with the 8 sets of lights between the house and the office that I would get all red lights and at least one break down or some sort of traffic jam – every time..)
4. Parking. As with the above point, I knew that I would have to drive around for at least 10-15 minutes before finding a park that was for longer than 15 minutes in Kogarah.
5. Westfields. Now – this is surprising, because I really did love to wonder around doing nothing in Westfields, but you cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have a MYER on the main street that you can park out the front of and walk straight into – no annoying American Express card people waiting to attack you when you have turned the corner!!
Now, we are actually planning our family holiday to Sydney for this year, so I guess I am going to have to deal with it all again when we get there!

the one thing

I love to sleep, its the thing I do when I need to relax or unwind. Its the thing I do when I need a break. I love sleep – always have, always will. When we lived in Sydney, it was not uncommon for Cade to go off for a run, and whilst he was gone – I would have a sleep. He couldnt understand how I could nap during the day – and I could not understand that he couldnt nap during the day…
The one thing that I miss about being a teenager is the ability to sleep – wherever and whenever I wanted to. Now, I am not so lucky. I have developed “mothers ear” which means I can hear EVERYTHING going on around me and unless there is complete silence, I cannot rest. I cannot have a clock ticking, a heater going, someone snoring, child moving – no noise.
The other thing is that I get very grumpy when woken during the night. Yes, I know that as a mother, this is sure to happen to me for the next 20 years or so, but I cannot help but get a tad on edge when woken on numerous occasions throughout the night.
Last night was “one of those nights” here in our house. I went to bed at 9:30pm in hope of getting some well needed sleep. TB is teething (4 top ones all at the same time..) and Mooba has been sick with a cough thing all weekend. They had both been sleeping quite well, which I did think was a tad strange, but in the back of my mind thought that they had just developed my love for sleeping well all night long…
By 1:45am, I had been up to re settle TB 6 times and Cade had been in once. When I looked at the clock and noticed the time, I went in for my 7th go, and then said to her “thats it Tali – no more” as I walked out the door in a huff. She screamed at me thru the closed door and I could hear the tears dripping down her face. So, Cade got up and had another go, as I had got back into bed and was not getting out anymore. Finally, about 40 minutes later, he shut her door and – SILENCE. She was finally asleep.
Off I drifted thinking this is it – sleep time now, until at 4:15am, I woke up to Cade saying “Moos calling for you”. Up and down we both went for another 2 hours, until when I looked at the clock and it said 5:50am, I thought – if she calls out again, she can just come into our bed, cause at least Ill be warm then.
I must sound like a terrible mother – both of my children were not feeling well, and all I could do was worry about my selfish sleeping that I wanted – but in the middle of the night, my brain does not function very well at all. The first thing I did this morning as I got them both out of bed was give them a huge kiss and cuddle and told them how much I loved them, and also whispered “please have a long lunch time sleep today so mummy can nap”…

the heat (er) is on.

Yes – I gave in early and got the pilot light lit last night and the heater is in full swing tonight, on low heat though…
The highest temp today here in Wagga was 15.6 at 4pm and its back down to 8.7 at the moment 9pm.
Special mention to AMY here, as she was the one wishing the cold weather would come sooner… thanks for that…

story time wednesday

Cade has just reset the computer and done some techy stuff to it, so I cannot put up the photos that I want to at the moment, so they will just have to wait..
Today is Wednesday and that means story time at the library. We will head out at about 10:30am and listen to some stories, chase Maisie around the library trying to keep her away from the craft until its time to actually do the craft, get some new books out and then maybe head over to the p.a.r.k before heading home for lunch and then the beauty of lunchtime sleeps. Fun for all the family!


1. There will always be washing. Today, I washed all the sheets and  emptied the basket of clothes, but yet, after another full day of fun, the basket is half full again. I have decided to only do washing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays – otherwise I could spend every day in my laundry.
2. TB is teething. She has the bottom right one out with the left one almost poking out. This has caused her a great deal of stress and she is dribbling all over the place.
3. We are thinking of buying a freezer. There just isnt enough space in our fridge freezer to store thing (eg if we buy up big in the meat department, there is no room for ice cream!!). Hopefully this transaction will be a smooth one in the coming weeks.
4.  Moo is speaking all day, every day. Her day is filled with little sentences that she is trying so hard to put together, with a jumble of words that usually makes sense to me. Her favorite time of the day is when she gets to help feed the animals – she calls them in, tells them to sit, tells me to “tip”, tells the animals to “eat biscuits” and dances around them whilst they try and eat. Its quite funny to watch – esp when she tries to get Charlie (our cat) to sit…


is how many unread emails are just downloading into my inbox now…
12 days i have been without internet…
sad thing is – most of them will be spam…

saturday morning

this morning i have a hair appointment, which i booked about a month ago.
i have been looking forward to this for most of the month, as its me, a chair, a book and someone doing my hair for me – no thinking required.
i havent been to a hairdresser here in wagga yet, heres hoping i come home happy…


I have to calm down when watching tennis on TV.
I sometimes forget that there are babies asleep in my house and get way to excited when screaming “COME ON” from the couch in the lounge room…