Sunday fun one

Last sunday the weather was nice and the children were all in the “right” mood for a bike ride, so off we went. Maisie and Talia are both riding without training wheels now, so they usually get to pick the way that we go. Alice went in the trailer behind Lisa’s bike and Pippa went in the child seat on Cade’s bike.
Family bike ride on a sunny sunday. #exerciseshot #family

We ended up finding a great little park in the middle of our suburb that we never had seen before, so we had a play there before riding home for lunch.
Park time fun. #family #parks

September 2012

Pippys first piggy. #oneyearold  #hair #finallygrowing #partyintheback
Day 26, up close. Pippy in the bath.

Another busy month has flown by – just a quick couple of photos for the month. We had a fantastic long weekend with family down from Sydney, a trip out to the weir wall to see the water and lots of park visits. The photos above are from an afternoon that the girls spent with Bek – as you can see they had lots of fun! We have been finally enjoying the warmer weather now that its decided to come and play with us – which means lots of time spent outside.

Holiday time

This year we travelled to Canberra and Jindabyne for our holiday. This was chosen because of Cade wanting to run in the Canberra Marathon – which he did an awesome job of!

We stayed with Hannah and John in a 3 bedroom apartment in Canberra which was pretty cool! On Saturday we went to Questacon with the Bakers and also with Nat and Matt who drove down from Sydney to join us for the day. The girls had a great time running around trying to see everything. We could have spent the whole time in the 0-6 room!!

On Sunday after the race we headed to Jindabyne for 3 nights. We went to Cooma for the day to see the Mortons (who were also in Canberra!!), drove up into the Kosciuszko National Park to see Mt Kosciuszko, went for lots of plays in parks and on some bush walks before heading back to ATown on Wednesday.

As always it was busy and crazy – but so good to get away and see some beautiful things.

Whitbourn Family April 2012
Canberra 1
wrestle time with Aunty Nat & Matt
Cade finishing Canberra Marathon
Picnic time
dancing fun with Mortons
park time
climbing times
Mt Kosciuszko

thats who we are talking about…

nicknames in our family have taken off – its just so much easier than trying to get the right name out. So, if you hear us calling for the following – you now know who we are talking about.

Maisie = Moo/Mooey/Mooba/Mooey Canooey/Miss Moo/Mais
Talia = Tally/Tal/Tally Banally/TalBal/Tals
Alice = Cece/Cece Balece/Ces/Macca Pacca
Pippa = Pippy/Pip/PipManip/Pipsticks/Pips/Pippy Longstockings

And if anyone is in a grumpy/bad mood – its Humpf.

Strange thing is they always answer to whatever they are called…

July Photos

Another busy month, mostly at home due to sickness, but now that the fog is clearing – we are back to being our busy little selves.

Pippa enjoying some lunch.
pippy eating

Dundock the dog came to play one day.

Maisie as a beautiful butterfly.

Pippy jumping her little heart out and getting some serious airtime!

May Photos

Time again has got the better of me and June is about to be one crazy month, so here is May in four photos:

Sitting up!
Pippa learnt to sit!

The Girls
The girls – May 2011

Pippy eating
Pippa is a eating machine – potato, pear, apple, pumpkin, corn cobs, apple, weetbix, yoghurt, sweet potato, broccoli, arrowroot’s, peaches, corn thins the list goes on!!

Mums bday
Mum turned 50! We had a great party and the girls danced away in their new party shoes!

Easter 2011

We have had a huge weekend! The girls are exhausted after lots of trips out and about and we are all ready for an early night.

Here are the girls all dressed in their new PJs from Great Grandma Mary.

easter2011 037

easter2011 036

And Pippa exploring her bedroom (she was on the rug, but everytime we went in she was in a different place)

easter2011 027

easter2011 028

easter2011 029

March Photos

not sure where March just went – so very quick photo update!

march2011 011
Tally going out with her baby!

march2011 014
The very beautiful Pippy

march2011 028
The very cool Pippy

march2011 033
Maisie writing her friend from pre school a letter

march2011 038
March had some birthday cake cooking!

march2011 043
Our first school fete (of many)

march2011 053
Aunty Noodle popped in for a visit

march2011 074
Big girls hard at work in the garden

march2011 085
Family Dinner – Aunty Kate and Luke having a turn with Pippy

ah, kids!

I dont think I have ever laughed quite so much since my children have learnt to speak. All day every day I am constantly kept amused by the goings on of my household. I can only imagine it gets better and better!

Maisie “the reason that I have to get up at night time is because i have pains”
Lisa “which part of your body has pain”
Maisie “all the parts”

Alice “treat?”
Lisa “why should you have a treat?”
Alice “tause” (because)

Talia “im sooooo tired”
Lisa “well, get big bird and go for a nap then”
Talia “biggy birdy doesnt want a nap”