quick catch up…


Maisie is 8 now – and has been for almost half a year. She loves to read and LOVES school, ballet and dancing and singing and swimming. Her teachers tell me what a beautiful loving friend she is which makes us super proud. She has loved year 2 and is excited about year 3.


Tally turned 7 in July and as I type this is in the pool swimming laps of backstroke and freestyle trying to improve her strokes! She also loves school and is very athletic and still loves her sleep! She is at the top of her reading levels for year 1 and is busy trying to guess what teacher she will have in year 2! When I asked her 3 things that she loves she said “Mumma, Daddy and the hammock”…


Alice is about to turn 6 and finish her first year of Kinder. We have had a busy year with Alice and working out how to control the beast inside her, and with the help of Dr Jo and cutting out numbers and colours from our diet there has been a massive change in her behaviour. She just told me that she loves swimming in the pool, bouncing her ball and rocking in the hammock (she likes to know what Im doing at all times…)


Pippa (or pippy, stinkerbell, tootsmcfruits) is “finally 4” as she likes to tell people this week. She is a clumso – always hurting herself somehow. She tries very hard to keep up with her big sisters. She loves “tiny little babies” which is good because we have a few around us at the moment! She goes to pre school on a friday morning and has lots of friends – that are all boys!



Funny stuff our kids say.

Cause if I don’t write them down – we will forget them.

Maisie and Talia arguing with Alice at the shops:

M: What did the man say?

A: he said he was going to put it on Freezebook.

T: Its not Freezebook, its Facebook.

A: NAAAA, its Freezebook.

L: Yeah – Its Freezebook.

M: No its not Mum.


Alice telling Tally off:

A: AND TALIA the reason you are in trouble is because you cut the stem off your dress!

T: Its not a stem – is it mum?

L: Yeah – Stem of the dress! Get it?


There goes 2014…

Its November?!? Crazy. Pippa has just turned 4! Alice is about to turn 6! The end of year invites are starting to book out our calendar. Soon we will be on holidays again!  We have had a busy few months with a trip to the snow with our friends, Lisa went to Alaska for Mary Beth and Nats wedding, a family holiday to Wollongong, Cade ran in a 50 km Marathon near Tumut and plenty of other school, preschool, running and church things happening!



Extended Whitbourn Family holiday in Wollongong.

2014 begins

We had a super busy start to the year… so Ill just catch up all at once!

Tumut 2014 was funtastic. The fires were raging, so we had a night in the hills before heading back to Blowering.

January was made even more exciting with our new cousin Klay being born! He is super cute and we love him so much. We couldn’t wait to get home form camping to visit him.

Aunty Jacq and Aunty Nat came to town – it was great to see them both!

Pippy started Pre School on a friday morning!!

Alice started kinder

All the girls ready for school (and mums first morning off)

Pippy and Mumma went to the Play School concert – here is Pippy doing the teapot song

Cade and Lisa hiked Mount Bogong for our 12 year wedding anniversary.

Easter time 2014

Pippa @ 2.8


Pippy has well and truly entered the “terrible twos”. Such a horrible name – but so true! Tantys galore over here at the moment. She is such a beautiful child – but when shes had enough – shes had enough. Her favourite games are little people and playing mums and babies with her big sisters. She has enjoyed school holidays the most out of everyone – cause she has so many people to play with.

She loves to help around the house – she takes her dirty clothes basket from her room to the laundry and empties it out into the washing machine. She is still having a lunch time sleep and she loves going to creche whilst I play basketball on a Thursday morning – she calls the ladies “my teachers”. She runs over to the school to pick up her sisters and is excited that she gets to have a party this year for her birthday.


Sunday fun one

Last sunday the weather was nice and the children were all in the “right” mood for a bike ride, so off we went. Maisie and Talia are both riding without training wheels now, so they usually get to pick the way that we go. Alice went in the trailer behind Lisa’s bike and Pippa went in the child seat on Cade’s bike.
Family bike ride on a sunny sunday. #exerciseshot #family

We ended up finding a great little park in the middle of our suburb that we never had seen before, so we had a play there before riding home for lunch.
Park time fun. #family #parks

May Photos

Time again has got the better of me and June is about to be one crazy month, so here is May in four photos:

Sitting up!
Pippa learnt to sit!

The Girls
The girls – May 2011

Pippy eating
Pippa is a eating machine – potato, pear, apple, pumpkin, corn cobs, apple, weetbix, yoghurt, sweet potato, broccoli, arrowroot’s, peaches, corn thins the list goes on!!

Mums bday
Mum turned 50! We had a great party and the girls danced away in their new party shoes!

January 2011 photos

So many good ones, not enough space to put them all up! Here is a selection of what we have been up to in the past 4 weeks!

We have spent lots of time in here:
January 2011 158

The girls did some playing, reading and crafting. (yes, Alice is reading Terrific Toddlers…)
January 2011 147
January 2011 338
January 2011 343

Pippa did some travelling to Sydney with Lisa and spent some time with Aunty Nat, Geoff & Louise, met Raph and his crazy parents and went to the beautiful Eva’s wedding to Vivek and then met her new friend Lucy in Wollongong.
January 2011 185
January 2011 191
January 2011 193
January 2011 195
January 2011 201
January 2011 204
January 2011 237
January 2011 257
January 2011 238
January 2011 262
January 2011 268
January 2011 308

And then the sisters all had a huggle on the couch.
January 2011 331

ah, kids!

I dont think I have ever laughed quite so much since my children have learnt to speak. All day every day I am constantly kept amused by the goings on of my household. I can only imagine it gets better and better!

Maisie “the reason that I have to get up at night time is because i have pains”
Lisa “which part of your body has pain”
Maisie “all the parts”

Alice “treat?”
Lisa “why should you have a treat?”
Alice “tause” (because)

Talia “im sooooo tired”
Lisa “well, get big bird and go for a nap then”
Talia “biggy birdy doesnt want a nap”

Family of 6(!) update

Well, life is busy around here these days and it doesnt look like slowing down anytime soon! Four girls – it still hasnt sunk in that we have four girls!

The girls are very much in love with their new baby sister and are keen to help out in any way possible. Pippa really doesnt cry very much, but when she does they ask “what is Pippa trying to tell us”. She has been a dream baby – for those interested in stats she is feeding every four hour, just like her biggest sister did. Pippa has just come out in her 3 week pimples, again just like her biggest sister!

The amount of photos that we have taken is insane. So many great shots Im thinking of turning my lounge room into a photo display room! Here are some from the past week or so.

Cece & Pip Pip

Pippa in bath

Pippa Elise

Pippa and Mooba

Pippa & Tal

Alice & Pippa

Mamma & Pippa

Pooling Around

Today was the perfect day here in ATown, and just as well because we had a mini crete truck booked for 8am!

dug out

pooling around




Whitbourn Family Sept 2010
whitbourn family Sept 2010

Tiles have now been ordered and we are pretty happy with the progress made! Thanks to all our dads – Peter, Phil and Paul “and his best friend Corky” – I mean Stuey. Special shout out to the neighbourhood cats that seemed to all come over and leave their prints on the wet cement when we were out…

House update

So after getting very excited about the upcoming summertime fun that we are planning to have in our pool, we closely inspected the pool deck and realised that it was quite unsafe with nails and screws rusting and just popping out of the decking. Once we mentioned it to a couple of people, it was clear that the decking was put on upside down by the previous owners of the house. We decided that something needed to be done, as the boards were able to be pulled up with not much effort at all.
We began this weekend – stage one of ripping up all the boards and de bolting the old concrete:
getting there

hard a work

decking boards

I had the important job of getting all these stones out of this gutter section.

They filled the wheelbarrow!
neat edges

This was my only job. Note how important it was. Cade has done the rest completely on his own – everything. He pulled up all the boards in record time before it rained yesterday afternoon and then has spent the whole day de bolting and ripping out the other bits of randomness that surround the pool. He really is my hero!

In other outside news – carrots, snowpeas and strawberries are planted. Now, we just have to make sure they dont drown between the rain and the girls keenness to water them.

gardening time

talking it up

Alice is a talking machine. She loves it when its her turn to pray at night now, puts her hands together and starts on her list of people which usually goes something like this:
Annah (Aunty Hannah) Gon (Uncle John) Drapah (Grandpa) Naa, Maisie, Tally, Daddy, Mamma, Bubba, Jac.
Usually there is some double up, or some people added in by her sisters, but usually it stays the same.
Some other words that she uses:
Sibished = Finished
Dordor = Dora
Maney = Man
Juicey = Juice
Milkey = Milk
and the list of things that she adds “ey” to goes on and on and on. For some reason the others have also taken it on board – so Violetey, Mizzaery and Simoney are now the cabbage patch dolls names, Big Birdey is now his name and again the list is endless.

ah, the joys!

One great thing about having your own home, is that you can just dig up or knock down anything in site. Cade and the girls made a start on the veggie patch last weekend, it was a cold horrible weekend, but they had a great time digging around in the dirt and sand. There is lots to be done, so therefore many more weekends of dirty times ahead!

Cece, Tal, Moo
the girls


Cece & Moo
Alice & Maisie


grumpy faces all round
everyone doing their grumpy face


Miss Maisie