8 weeks to go

Tomorrow we hit the 32 week mark with #3. The name game is being played more and more as we have to step it up and decide on a name. We have once again changed the names that we had picked and gone down a totally different path (who knows where we will end up…). I know it sounds silly, but I am really hoping that the baby comes late this time so we have more time to get organised. I pbly wont be saying that in about 6 weeks time when I cannot move, but for now I would be more than happy with an overdue outcome.

i was wrong…

Baby #3 – Sonny as it has been named by Miss Moo – does not need any more clothes at this stage…
Even though there are 14 weeks until Sonny is born, I decided that this afternoon would be the perfect opportunity to sort thru the 00000 & 0000 boxes of clothes with the helpful but yet not so helpful girls by my side.
Because the season is the total opposite to when Moo & TB were born, I thought that we would need some stuff – but we have so much white & yellow summer wondersuits and other white summerish items that I dont really think that I need to worry at the moment.
Although, Kmart & Target both have kids sales on again this week – so I cannot promise that I wont be tempted into getting something just because it is so cute and small!
Also – check out the latest photo of #3… freaky face shot… this was taken yesterday and its the weirdest thing ever!


For anyone who is ready for a bit of fun – here is a game for you to play along at home.
Leave your answer in the comments!
(if you want to play hard – you can also guess the date & weight as well – double the fun and double the prize!)