the difference this time around is….

Alice is sooooo different to Maisie and Talia that sometimes I think she may have been switched at the hospital, although that is impossible, because she never left my sight in the short time we were in there.
I have never felt this way before – the feeling of being so frustrated but being so in love at the same time.
I never knew what my brother in law was talking about when he said I had it easy with the first two… NOW Jarrod, I now know what you were talking about 🙂

10 weeks old

Alice is now 10 weeks.
feb120209 002
She loves sleeping on her belly which results in us finding her in a different position every time she wakes up, as she can push herself around the cot. She also loves watching her sisters, smiling and talking to her Parents, having showers, and she is trying really hard to suck her thumb – but I am trying my hardest to give her a dummy whenever she starts slurping away on her hand. We will see who wins this battle…

A – Okay

So, we had the doctors appointment for Alice on Thursday. He still had not received the full report from the hospital, but after checking out as much as he could he seemed to think that she was looking pretty good. We have to call him the week after next, but he thought that all her bones looked a nice size and she was a healthy little girl!

first-few-days x036

Beauty Queen

Alice just got back from having her first xrays done at the hospital. She was the tinest person that the three xray people had ever done an xray on and they were back and forth from the little room to see the pictures as they came up.
She did a great job – screamed her head off before the shot and then stopped for the shot and then started again once it had been taken. She also did a massive squirty poo on the table for the guy that was holding her…
At one of the many ultrasounds that we had for her the lady said that she would pbly grow up to be a model, and now we have her first set of “films”! We head off to the dr on Thursday to see what they think.

Home Time

We are all safe and sound at home now. Alice and I packed our bags and headed home just before lunch time today.
We currently have all three girls in their own beds all fast asleep whilst Cade and I enjoy lunch in a very quiet environment…
The calm before the storm? Possibly!

Baby #3 update

Latest ultrasound picture from 37 weeks.
We had this ultrasound taken yesterday with the great news that there are no signs of any skeletal dysplasia and the bone shape appears normal with the small bones still measuring about 4 weeks behind.
The Doctor that did the scan was awesome – she was able to clearly explain everything and was more than helpful. We think the baby has the same nose as Tali from this picture!