Wax in my ears

Had the doctor clean my ears out today. They have a tendency to get blocked up with wax. I’ve found the only solution is to go see the doctor who will clean them out by squirting water into them via a syringe. I’ve tried the candles, I’ve tried the waxsol by itself, by syringing is the way to go.
It feels uncomfortable, bordering on painful – but it works.
The doctor I saw today is not my normal doctor. My normal doctor will just syringe them out on the day if I ask him to. But this doctor insisted I treat my ears with Waxsol for a couple of days prior to loosen up the wax a bit. Much to my frustration, I complied with his treatment and I think the result is all the better for it.
You should have seen the clump of waxy gump he removed from my ears! You probably had to be there.
Ongoing treatment? He recommends I just wipe clean the inside of my ears with a tissue after I shower. Ear buds are a big no-no.
The really interesting bit? It felt like my left ear was blocked the worst, and the right one didn’t need treatment at all. After the doctor’s inspection, he convinced me that the right one was actually blocked much worse, and the stereo effect meant that my left ear had to do more of the work so it just felt more blocked – or something like that. At first I thought he was bluffing, but the proof was in what he actually extracted – and the right ear was in fact far worse.

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