Our Day at Blowering

In January when the Stevens/Shanahan family had their annual pilgrimage to Blowering, I decided that we would take a day trip up to visit Naa and Poppa at camping! So, Aunty Jacq, the girls and I left Albs at about 7am to get up there for morning tea. As soon as we arrived the girls wanted to go swimming, so we had a quick bite to eat and then went down to the water for the rest of the morning. We stayed until after lunch and then traveled home so the girls could nap in the car. It was a great day – everyone had fun and didnt want to leave “camping”.

TUMUT2011 018
Pippa kicking back relaxing
TUMUT2011 019
Alice being a mermaid
TUMUT2011 025
Pippa having a nap
TUMUT2011 041
Tally and Aunty Jacq going on the biscuit
TUMUT2011 055
Maisie having a drive of the boat
TUMUT2011 084
Maisie and Lisa on the biscuit
TUMUT2011 122
Phil, Fleur and Shawn doing cool tricks
TUMUT2011 158
Alice, Aunty Jacq, Tally, Naa, Aunty Fleur and Maisie having a swim
TUMUT2011 172
Finishing off the day with a dance routine for Naa and Poppa

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