20 thoughts on “Maisie Whitbourn born today”

  1. Congratulations to the most beautiful new family in the whole wide world. May your life be filled with love, laughter and sunshine from this day on. Love you all, Nanny Jill. x x x

  2. what fantastic news! can’t wait to hear more and see photos, wish i were there… hope all are well and getting rested, and congratulations to all three of you. Much love, MB

  3. Dear Cade and Lisa, Congratulations on your new arrival and being so organised to have a website up and running already!! Amazing feats all round. Maisie’s bassinette is sitting on your desk awaiting her new home. Enjoy your new and very special addition. Mary

  4. Big Congrats from us.
    Now have you got everything?..car seat, nappies, cot..website, email account, child friendly keyboard, monitor that attaches onto the side of her cot? Have you signed her onto a chatroom (oops), cryroom?

  5. Dear Lis and cade what wonderful news, she is so beautiful. We are all so very happy for you both. Aunty Helen and
    uncle kevin which you all every happiness as a family. Uncle Kevin says he is now a great great uncle for the first time, and is feeling very proud love from the Coopers and Smiths

  6. Congrats to lisa and cade, your little girl is beautiful and I am so happy for the both of you. Love Bec xoxoxo Ps does that make Maisie my second cousin once removed?!

  7. Congrats guys,
    She’s gorgeous. You will all have a wonderful life together.
    Uncle Steve,Martine,Calin xxxx

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