Toilet Training Take 3

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Icon Sep 7, 2010

Alice has decided that she too would like to be toilet trained please – so off we go for the third time with shouts of joy for wees and poos in the toilet….

Different again to the last two girls – she started telling us when she was doing “something” in her nappy quite a few weeks ago now, and then we let her have a sit on the toilet, which she enjoyed so much that everytime she did number 2 in her nappy she would HAVE to sit on the toilet before having her nappy changed.

She has a feisty attitude, so we let her do this, thinking nothing of it, but then the wees came… and off to the toilet she went!! The first day of really stepping things up I think I spent about 5.5 hours on the bathroom floor whilst she just sat and sat and asked to sit. Thats when I realised that she wasnt in fact going to wait until she was big enough to get on the toilet herself, or until summer time when my belly isnt so big and its warm enough to just wear knickers around the house.

So, we have been dry and clean now for about 5 days, even overnight she will wake up and call out for us to take her to the toilet. She is in cloth knickers, just because I havent had a chance to get to the shops to get anything small enough to fit her teeny tiny little bottom. I am really not expecting too much of her at this stage – she is only 21 months, and I am very aware that once this baby is born she may just decide to go backwards – but we are very very proud of her and her big sisters think its pretty cool too.