talking it up

Alice is a talking machine. She loves it when its her turn to pray at night now, puts her hands together and starts on her list of people which usually goes something like this:
Annah (Aunty Hannah) Gon (Uncle John) Drapah (Grandpa) Naa, Maisie, Tally, Daddy, Mamma, Bubba, Jac.
Usually there is some double up, or some people added in by her sisters, but usually it stays the same.
Some other words that she uses:
Sibished = Finished
Dordor = Dora
Maney = Man
Juicey = Juice
Milkey = Milk
and the list of things that she adds “ey” to goes on and on and on. For some reason the others have also taken it on board – so Violetey, Mizzaery and Simoney are now the cabbage patch dolls names, Big Birdey is now his name and again the list is endless.

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