i was wrong…

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Icon Aug 21, 2008

Baby #3 – Sonny as it has been named by Miss Moo – does not need any more clothes at this stage…
Even though there are 14 weeks until Sonny is born, I decided that this afternoon would be the perfect opportunity to sort thru the 00000 & 0000 boxes of clothes with the helpful but yet not so helpful girls by my side.
Because the season is the total opposite to when Moo & TB were born, I thought that we would need some stuff – but we have so much white & yellow summer wondersuits and other white summerish items that I dont really think that I need to worry at the moment.
Although, Kmart & Target both have kids sales on again this week – so I cannot promise that I wont be tempted into getting something just because it is so cute and small!
Also – check out the latest photo of #3… freaky face shot… this was taken yesterday and its the weirdest thing ever!