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Icon Sep 16, 2009

Alice Joy Whitbourn knocked one of her bottom teeth out last night. We are waiting to go to the dentist at lunch time today, but after speaking with one last night, we are pretty sure that there is nothing that can be done and she will just have a gap until her adult teeth come thru. Here are the before and after shots…
Two big chompers
Before knocking tooth out
After knocking tooth out
She is fine now – and was pretty good last night. She keeps putting her fingers in there and doing weird things with her tongue. We know that this is just the start of injuries that will happen to the girls over the next 20 years, but it does take you by surprise when something happens.
I really dont know what to put into her baby book now – there is no page for “tooth fell out on this day”.
Here is the pictures of the tooth – just in case you were wondering what a 9 month old tooth looks like out of the mouth…
9 month old baby tooth
9 month old baby tooth

6 Replies to “Gappy”

  1. Laura says:

    well… now I’ve learnt just how big baby teeth are…oooouch!
    hope everyone copes ok.

  2. ptazme says:

    poor little thing. Ebony snapped off part of a front adult tooth recently – that came as a bit of a shock too.

  3. Louise Gillman says:

    How did she do it? No one helped I hope.

  4. may says:

    poor poor alice!
    hopefully her adult teeth will come through quick enough!
    and yes, i too must ask, how did she do it?!

  5. Lisa says:

    She did it on the coffee table in the lounge room – no one else was involved…

  6. Siân says:

    so roots and all just fell out?

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