Baby #3 update

Latest ultrasound picture from 37 weeks.
We had this ultrasound taken yesterday with the great news that there are no signs of any skeletal dysplasia and the bone shape appears normal with the small bones still measuring about 4 weeks behind.
The Doctor that did the scan was awesome – she was able to clearly explain everything and was more than helpful. We think the baby has the same nose as Tali from this picture!

4 thoughts on “Baby #3 update”

  1. What an awesome profile shot!! I think #3 looks a bit like Maisie! Lol…you watch he/she will be a Tali look-a-like but oh well…til then I can think what I like, right?

  2. Yay God.
    What a special thing to see what He is beautifully doing.
    Glad He is caring for you all.
    keep trusting.
    He loves you so

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