Alice Joy @ almost 2!

Just figuring that I wont have the time or energy to do this as Alices birthday comes nearer, I thought I should do a quick update of our beautiful 3rd daughter.


Alice Joy is just that – she really is a Joy to be around. She is funny and very social. She calls herself Cece and is always asking for “up, huggies”. She likes to look at things on the computer and will walk into the study asking for “Ouch Charlie”. She knows she has to fight for position, she will will always ask “me turn”. She likes to have her turn praying at night and also saying grace.


Her favorite game to play is Mummy and Babies, she will drag a number of dolls around the house putting them to bed and making us hold them for her. She is happy to role play in her big sisters games as well, as usually the baby and knows that she then has to call either one of them Mamma.


She has toilet trained herself both day and night and the first thing that she asks for in the morning when she wakes up is “apple please dadda”. She is a really good eater – usually going back for seconds for breakfast and when you ask her what she had she will answer “weetbix, cornflakes, pop (rice bubbles), yogurt and milk”.


She will repeat anything anyone says, which at dinner time can turn into a funny game where she is trying to keep up in the conversation by just repeating the last words of every ones sentence. She likes to sing and dance and run around crazy. She enjoys being around little kids and we think she will just love being a big sister.


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  1. I think its beautiful when parents know so much about their children and in such detail.
    I love reading these.

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