Alice Joy @2.10

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Icon Oct 14, 2011

Alice Joy is growing up so fast! She is very different to her big sisters, a lot more feisty (and sometimes more festy) and copies there behavior which makes for interesting tantys and conversations. She is a very funny little lady – very emotional as well. Her blond straight hair is always hanging in her face and she now wants to dress herself, which ends up with her always looking a bit odd!
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She says almost everything that her sisters say, sometimes she will parrot a whole conversation that they are having with someone else just quietly in the background. She has learnt the words to songs and rhymes very quickly by using this skill of hers!

She loves playing on her own – she will quite happily play a game for almost an hour with no one else annoying her. One of her favorite games at the moment is the Tinkerbell game, in which she closes a door and knocks, you have to ask who it is, she replies “Tinkerbell”, then you say “oh, come in Tinkerbell”, she comes in and the game continues. She often comes in asking if we can play the Tinkerbell game, even when we are in the bathroom!
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Cece loves her parents – or her “best friendies” as she calls us. Very much still a Mummas girl, she often gets sooky and if someone speaks to her or asks her a question she will reply “Mumma” and point at me or grab onto me. Its quite amusing, but very annoying at the same time.

She loves her baby sister and always needs to know where Pippy is or what Pippy is doing. I often find Alice in Pippas cot with her after she has woken up from a nap. She tries very hard to include Pippa into the games that she is playing – but only if it suits her mood. Now that Pippa is crawling, I often hear “NO PIPPY” from Alices direction.

She is looking forward to pre school next year – ready for “my turn at pre school”. She likes to compete with her older sisters in any way that she can – getting in the bath, getting dressed, getting in the car, if you turn it into a competition – Alice will get involved!
Alice Joy
She loves the wiggles, her “I Spy” book and playing with her sisters and also playing little people duplo. When she finishes a book or a song she says “Amen”. She loves to cook (pretend or real – doesnt matter which) and still loves her morning “happle” before breakfast.