Alice Joy @ 18 months

Alice has just reached 18 months in this past week. She is much different to her sisters in a number of different ways.
She is a climber, which has been something new to get used to, she copies everything her sisters do, she walks and talks and dances and sings and throws MASSIVE tantys – its hard to understand how something that small can produce noise like she does. She is a very active little lady – into everything and anything. Likes to unpack the dishwasher, even before the things have been washed. Books, books and even more books – to the point at Church she needs to read every Bible and Hymn book in the pew before she is satisfied. She eats a lot of dirt – hoping that this is a passing phase… Loves to talk on the phone!
She usually wakes sometime around 6am and then has a lunch time nap and then goes to bed in the evening around 7:30pm. The nicest thing by far is that she is a very cuddly little girl – she loves having huggles on the couch, at the table or anywhere she can – she wraps her little arms right around your neck and pats your back before usually leaning in for a smoochy kiss. She truly is a “Joy” to be around!

Alice bike ride
Alice enjoying a bike ride with Cade

Alice bike ride
Alice 18 months

Alice bike ride

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