Alice Joy @ 1.0

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Icon Dec 4, 2009

Alice Joy is now 1!! We had a fun day with lots of visitors for her birthday. Here she is having a play outside.
1 year old Cheese!!
Alice climbing - 1 year old
1 year old today!
Alice is still very much a Mummas girl – although she is fine when her Mumma is not around! She has done things differently to how her big sisters have done them – proving once again that all children are different and unique.
AJ (or Ceecee, Gluey, glue stick, bubba ganoosh) still loves sleeping on her tummy. She loves to eat and drink and is happy to be fed at breakfast time – but not at dinner time! She likes to tip out her dinner onto her tray and sort through it all. She loves corn on the cob and ice cream in a cone!
She loves the water – swimming, bath time and sprinkler time. She loves the shower so much that if she hears it on she makes her way to the bathroom and gets in clothed with you! She crawls up on all fours and also cruises around the furniture, pushing anything that will move so that she can practice her walking. She LOVES to climb. Its not uncommon for us to walk into the lounge room and for her to have pushed something up against the coffee table or couches and have climbed up onto them and be hanging over the edge.
She gets frustrated easily, usually about having toys taken off her or her sisters getting up in her face. She says “sista” for both of her sisters. They both answer!! She likes to talk on the phone to Dadda at work – she puts the phone on her face and just listens to Cade talk to her. She is a groover and loves to sing and dance with Colin and the Wiggles.
She is still in size 0 clothes and we weighed her today and she is just about 9 kilos. Her hair is somedays the colour of Maisies hair and then somedays the colour of Talias hair. She has a more oval face than the other two, and she has the most beautiful sparkling blue eyes.
She has been by far the most challenging baby. The first 9 months were quite intense and I am so glad that we have reached the 1 year old milestone! She is a happy little girl and loves to give big kisses! It will be interesting to see how her personality develops over the next year…

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  1. Fiona says:

    Happy birthday Alice! You are a much loved girl.

  2. Cara says:

    Happy Birthday Alice! Altbough challenging, isn’t it wonderful to know that despite being made in the same ‘cooker’ each is different and wonderfully made. It’s exciting to watch them grow and develop and anticipate what kind of person God has created them to be.

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