Alice Day #1

All well and doing fine. I’ll leave it to Lisa for the full report in a few days. Her experience of the last day is probably a lot more compelling than mine (although I did get to rush my labouring wife to the hospital for the first time in a few pregnancies).
day02 005
day02 009
day02 029
day02 042

9 thoughts on “Alice Day #1”

  1. Ha…told you I was wrong and as you suspected she is a total Maisie twin! 🙂 And doesn’t Maisie look pleased to be a big sister again?! 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  2. naww shes georguzz!!
    YAY! Stephii has a new cousin =]
    & Girl’s are going strong in our family
    she’s beautiful, Alice is a lovley name xx

  3. Exactly like Maisie!! I had a feeling number three would be a girl, again congratulations, I wish you all; Lisa, Cade, Maisie, Tali and little Alice the best for the festive season!!!!!!

  4. She is perfect, congrats. I knew she’d be a girl coz you took so long to decide on a name. If she’d been a boy, you’d have had a name picked years ago.
    Lots of love

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