New Patio

When we moved in here last year we didnt realise that our patio was not so great. After a few heavy rains we realised that it wasnt constructed right and leaked. We looked at a couple of different options, tried a bit of mending, but in the end we realised it was best to replace it – and in doing that, we could extend it further to give us more undercover area. We still have to dig up the grass area and concrete out to the end of the patio, but other than that – its all done! You can see the excitement of the girls in the last few photos.

august2011 008
august2011 009
august2011 011
august2011 023
august2011 028
august2011 031
august2011 040
august2011 043
august2011 045
august2011 050
august2011 053
august2011 047

old mcdonald had a ballet girl eieieo.

Maisie went to ballet today! Its a beautiful little class run at our community center with about 5 other 4/5 year old girls.

july2011 035

She came up with a song to show her excitement:

“Old McDonlad had a farm, eieieo. And on that farm he had a ballet girl, eieieo. With a ballet dance here and a ballet dance there everywhere there were ballet girls eieieooooooo”.

Talia turns 4!

Tally turned 4 this month!! Thankfully we had organised a family afternoon tea on the sunday before her birthday as she became very sick on her actual birthday and spent most of the week in bed with the flu! She didnt even get to enjoy her birthday dinner of prawns and ice cream cake – so we will save that for another day!

july2011 010
july2011 016
july2011 022
july2011 023
july2011 028

July Photos

Another busy month, mostly at home due to sickness, but now that the fog is clearing – we are back to being our busy little selves.

Pippa enjoying some lunch.
pippy eating

Dundock the dog came to play one day.

Maisie as a beautiful butterfly.

Pippy jumping her little heart out and getting some serious airtime!