May Photos

Time again has got the better of me and June is about to be one crazy month, so here is May in four photos:

Sitting up!
Pippa learnt to sit!

The Girls
The girls – May 2011

Pippy eating
Pippa is a eating machine – potato, pear, apple, pumpkin, corn cobs, apple, weetbix, yoghurt, sweet potato, broccoli, arrowroot’s, peaches, corn thins the list goes on!!

Mums bday
Mum turned 50! We had a great party and the girls danced away in their new party shoes!

Mothers Day 2011

I was excited about Mothers Day – but Maisie was even more excited! She made me a necklace at pre school and could hardly contain her excitement as the day drew near!

Here are me and the girls having a very rushed present giving moment before running off to church.

mothersday2011 001

mothersday2011 008