May Photos

Tally in character as Dundock the cat who comes to visit every now and then.

Alice all dressed up
Alice getting into the game – dressed up and taking her baby and her bag for a walk.

Tally dressed up and driving in her “car”

Ballet dancing Maisie
Maisie doing her ballet/gym/dance routine for me.

Dorothys tail
Dorothy comes out to play.

Pizza Dudes

To assist in trying to get Maisie to re like pizza (she had it once about 2 years ago and was sick, and hasnt eaten it since), I decided to make some home made ones tonight. We chopped everything up and then the girls put what THEY wanted onto their own pizzas.

Tally and Maisie with their Pizza

Maisies creation

Tallys creation

They really didnt eat very much of them – but it was fun anyway.

Nailed the Nail Can Hill

John, Cade, Stuart, Lincoln & Hannah all raced in the Nail Can Hill run last weekend.

This is the before photo as they got ready to head off to the start at 9am.
Nailing the Nail Can Hill

The race is 11.3 kms up and over Nail Can Hill and finishes over at Bonnie Doon Oval in West Albury.

Funny thing is that the photo represents the order in which they finished the race!

John, 47:54 mins
Cade, 48:55 mins
Stuart & Lincoln 65:09 mins
Hannah 77:31 mins