Talia Mersey 2.5

2.5 year old CHEESE
Tally is our beautiful, goofy, sensitive, clumsy middle child who is very emotional and explores her little world through all of her senses. She doesnt like loud noises much at all, she loves going to bed smelling her smelly old big bird, she doesnt like the touch of certain things on her skin (like the tags on shirts) and she can throw a tanty with the best of them.
Talia the Artist
She loves her sisters with all of her heart – she likes to copy everything that her big sister does, and likes to make her little sister laugh. We have noticed that she really enjoys being with other little babies, esp when Ewan came to visit.
Summer time fun
Baby Ewan and Tal
Being able to watch her as she develops her speech and language is such an amazing thing to enjoy! She loves making up little games and singing songs. She is speaking so well – putting whole sentences together and clearly pronouncing her words.
Master Chef
These boots were made for walking
Wii Fit
She is always on the go – but she always needs her sleep. Its not uncommon for her to ask to go to bed with her “happy” and her big bird. She is very kissy and cuddly – happy to give kisses to everyone she loves.
My Big Bird

So long, farewell… from the Sound of Music (extended edition)

Watch Maisie and Tally perform the moves. Listen for Tally’s perfectly timed ‘No’ to Maisie’s request to drink her first champagne.
In case you are wondering what’s going on at the end, that’s Tally performing the final part of the song from the movie where Gretel goes to sleep on the stairs and she gets carried up the stairs by an older sibling (in our reenactment, it’s me lifting her with one arm and plonking her on the couch).

Photos for October

Its been another busy month in the Whitbourn house. A couple of things worth noting:
– We are in the first stages of buying a house here. For those who are counting – this will be our 3rd purchase in 5 years. We will pbly be moving sometime in the new year. For those counting – that will be our 11th move in 9 years.
– Lisa has a Christmas Casual job at Myer.
– Our 3, 2 and almost 1 year old girls are going great. Here are some photos of the three of them enjoying life.
Alice Whitbourn
Talia Whitbourn
Maisie Whitbourn
Alice Whitbourn
Talia & Maisie Whitbourn water fun
Whitbourn Girls
Talia & Mr P
Alice Whitbourn