I can do what you can do…

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Icon Sep 20, 2009

The girls are becoming more and more alike every day – what one does, the other tries to do as well:
Maisie (3) smiling
Tally (2) smiling
Angry Face
Maisie and her angry face
Angry Face
Tally and her trying to be angry face
Grumpy “humpf” Face
Maisie and her grumpy face
Grumpy “humpf” Face
Tally and her grumpy face
Here is Alice who has decided that its much better to feed yourself than wait to be fed by her parents.
Alice eating breakfast

2 Replies to “I can do what you can do…”

  1. Laura says:

    I LOVE the humph face!!
    very cute on both girls. Elie is now trying it out on me

  2. may says:

    Tali’s angry face is hilarious!
    It looks like she’s a foreigner to it even after studying all of Maisie’s expressions, pouted lips, hands raised… she still doesn’t quite have the same effect with hers. Hahaha. So cute.

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