Hanging out

Maisie told me today that she wanted to go and “hang out” with Aunty Kate.
When I told her thats what we were doing, she replied “not with you mummy, just drop me off so I can hang out with Aunty Kate by myself”.
Its nice to feel wanted.

10 weeks old

Alice is now 10 weeks.
feb120209 002
She loves sleeping on her belly which results in us finding her in a different position every time she wakes up, as she can push herself around the cot. She also loves watching her sisters, smiling and talking to her Parents, having showers, and she is trying really hard to suck her thumb – but I am trying my hardest to give her a dummy whenever she starts slurping away on her hand. We will see who wins this battle…

Talias talking it up

Tali is speaking with new “words” every day now – although we are the only ones that can understand what she is saying, she is getting there!
The list is growing:
Mumma, Dadda, Sista, Bubba, no, floor, shower, more, there, Jacq, Naa, Poppo (thats for Poppy), Pas (thats for Paps), Papa (Grandpa) Mama (Grandma).