Maisie singing her ABC's

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Icon Jul 31, 2008

25 months old. Not her best rendition ever, but the best one captured on video so far…

PS. Listen carefully for Talia adding her little harmony

4 Replies to “Maisie singing her ABC's”

  1. carole says:

    Lovely harmony, I always thought there should have been a group of Whitbourn Family singers

  2. Emma M says:

    A B C D E F G H I J K hlmnenmnemnenmemne P. Classic!
    Fantastic attention span…till the end. Would love to have her at our preschool x

  3. Emma M says:

    Love the playing with pegs in the pj’s too!

  4. aunty nat says:

    hahahaha. nice. Maisie’s curls are looking nice!!

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