on the move

TB crawled for the first time over the weekend whilst we were staying at Mum & Dads house. It was so fun to watch her try and figure it all out over the past couple of weeks, and then – success!! She has been busy this week trying to figure out which door leads to where in our house. She is crawling up on her hands and knees, which is different to the way Mooey crawled – again showing us how different two little people can be!
Here are some photos from our Anzac Day long weekend:
TB after she had crawled
anzacday2008 005
Sisters having a morning cuddle
anzacday2008 020
Moo learning to pose for the camera
anzacday2008 002

morning tea time today

Maisie making sure Talias hat is on right
210408 047
Talia ate her morning tea quicker than Maisie did
210408 023
Maisie spending some quality time with our pet kangaroo
210408 062
who would have thought that keys would be so much fun!
210408 041
Interesting fact to note: Talia (9 months) is wearing clothes that Maisie wore when she was 14 months… if she keeps eating like she does, i will have them in the same size clothes!

My shoes

These shoes were a present from my friend Emma at my baby shower for Maisie. She joked at the time that she didnt know what size shoe to get, and the funny thing at the time was that I didnt know either…
Well, the joke is now over, cause the “baby” nikes finally fit!! Thanks Em – she loves them!

count and seek

Maisie had her cousins teach her about hide and seek and has enjoyed playing it ever since.
The hide bit isnt the important bit in our house at the moment, the counting and then the seeking is much better.
This morning she got to 10 all by herself, but it in a round about way:
“1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10 – mummy come”
I was too busy laughing at the counting to leave the room so it was a pretty quick round of count and seek, but fun for everyone, apart from poor old five…

some more about routines…

Last week was the end of daylight savings, and it was the most annoying week ever. The girls jumped from waking up between 7 – 8am to waking between 5-6am, which was horrid for everyone involved. Maisie would make up for being so tired by having 3 hour day sleeps. I am hoping that after two mornings of 7:15am wake ups, that we are back on track…
Our night routine at the moment with a 22 month old and a 9 month old is:
6:00pm – Dinner for everyone
6:30pm – Play time in the lounge room (this week it involves the hokey pokey for Maisie and crawling practice for Talia)
7:00pm – Bathtime
7:20pm – Bible story on the couch
7:30pm – Bed
This has been the case most of the summer, so Maisie hasnt been outside when it has been dark since last winter, as it wasnt getting dark here until after 8.  So, you could imagine her delight that last week after church, when she went outside after she had finished her dinner – there were stars in the sky! She just stood with her head flung back saying “stars, stars, stars!!” She was even more surprised that everything was dark and kept telling us all about it all the way home…

saturday in the sun

Despite the weather being a lot cooler, we have all had a great day today out in the sun. We did clothes washing, gardening, the girls and Cade went to the park and then this afternoon we washed the cars out the front on the lawn. Here are our happy snaps:
Maisie helping Cade with the gardening this morning
050408 009
Talia telling everyone that she is going to be turning 1 in July
050408 015
Maisie all wet after helping wash Naa’s car out the front this afternoon
050408 030

the heat (er) is on.

Yes – I gave in early and got the pilot light lit last night and the heater is in full swing tonight, on low heat though…
The highest temp today here in Wagga was 15.6 at 4pm and its back down to 8.7 at the moment 9pm.
Special mention to AMY here, as she was the one wishing the cold weather would come sooner… thanks for that…

Double Baptism

Partly through inertia and partly because of indecision, we found ourselves in a situation where it made most sense to get our girls baptised together here in Wagga Wagga. We celebrated the day last Sunday (also our 6th wedding anniversary) with some friends and family at home for an afternoon tea, and then at church as part of the normal 5pm service.
Thankyou to everyone who was here for the day, especially those who travelled, those who helped cater, those who helped clean up afterwards, and those who helped in any other kind of way.
To repeat what we said during the church service about why we chose to get our girls baptised:
For both Lisa and I, Jesus is our Lord and Saviour – which basically means Jesus is the boss of our lives, and he is the one in whom we trust, and the one through whom we have a relationship with God.
By getting our girls baptised, we are publicly saying that we are raising them to have Jesus as their Lord and Saviour as well. This means that we will DO certain things with them such as pray with them, read the bible with them, and bring them to church.
But our hope for them is much more than that they would just DO these things.
Our hope is that they will have their own personal relationship with God, as God works in them, teaching them and opening their minds bit by bit to the great truth that we have a God who loves us, who sent his Son to die for us, and who is waiting in heaven to welcome us into an eternal inheritance.
Our hope is that they would bring glory to God as they live out their lives in whatever way God has planned for them.
Our hope is that when they are much older, they will look back on their lives and see that for their whole lives and for forever into the future, Jesus is THEIR boss, and the one in whom they put THEIR trust.
We were kept very busy on the day, so therefore there are actually no photos at all of the girls or us from Sunday, but here is one from last night:
easter2008 028