So we wont go into details here, but over the summer months we have been “encouraging” Maisie to go to the toilet – just letting her know that its there for her to use if she so wishes.
We had two weeks of dry days with “knickers” on, but then we moved house so we went back to nappies. Now she is at the stage that if she is in the mood, she will ask to go to the “toooilllet”, which proves very interesting.
Tonight I had her on and off 6 times during bath time and then again after she was in bed. This happened last week as well, and she was succesful – but it took a while. I think it will be a while before we can get rid of the nappies – but she seems keen enough.
I spend so much time now sitting on the floor in the bathroom… Anyone have any games that I can play in my head whilst the waiting game continues?

march photos

i have a bunch of photos that I have been waiting to put up – so here they are..
morning tea 002
Morning tea time at the Whitbourn house
easter2008 019
Cade & TB watching the footy (NRL)
shave_for_cure 001
When Daddy came home with no hair…
easter2008 007
Moo helping make brownie slice
easter2008 026
TB getting some upper body strength
easter2008 018
Moo deep in thought
easter2008 009
Happy Easter everyone!! (photo taken after Maisie had enjoyed her one tiny easter egg)
shave_for_cure 015
We made “bunny hats” at story time last week – Moo wasnt too keen on it though


This last term has seen us at “The Handstand Factory” on a Monday morning for 1 year old gymnastic fun. It goes for 1/2 hour and the kids can run, jump, roll & tumble their way all around the place. As you could imagine for the age group, sometimes its structured, other times not so much.
Maisie is loving it – she loves the trampoline that they have and also loves to “hang” from the bars. She likes to show off her latest skill on the trampoline which is “jump, jump, jump, bottom” which involves just that.
She will be moving up next term to the 2 year old class which goes for 45 minutes – which should serve us all well, as she nevers wants to leave and most days she asks me “gym?”.

story time wednesday

Cade has just reset the computer and done some techy stuff to it, so I cannot put up the photos that I want to at the moment, so they will just have to wait..
Today is Wednesday and that means story time at the library. We will head out at about 10:30am and listen to some stories, chase Maisie around the library trying to keep her away from the craft until its time to actually do the craft, get some new books out and then maybe head over to the p.a.r.k before heading home for lunch and then the beauty of lunchtime sleeps. Fun for all the family!


1. There will always be washing. Today, I washed all the sheets and  emptied the basket of clothes, but yet, after another full day of fun, the basket is half full again. I have decided to only do washing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays – otherwise I could spend every day in my laundry.
2. TB is teething. She has the bottom right one out with the left one almost poking out. This has caused her a great deal of stress and she is dribbling all over the place.
3. We are thinking of buying a freezer. There just isnt enough space in our fridge freezer to store thing (eg if we buy up big in the meat department, there is no room for ice cream!!). Hopefully this transaction will be a smooth one in the coming weeks.
4.  Moo is speaking all day, every day. Her day is filled with little sentences that she is trying so hard to put together, with a jumble of words that usually makes sense to me. Her favorite time of the day is when she gets to help feed the animals – she calls them in, tells them to sit, tells me to “tip”, tells the animals to “eat biscuits” and dances around them whilst they try and eat. Its quite funny to watch – esp when she tries to get Charlie (our cat) to sit…


is how many unread emails are just downloading into my inbox now…
12 days i have been without internet…
sad thing is – most of them will be spam…