oh so tired

tali didnt sleep very well last night, and then didnt sleep at all this morning.
she finally gave in on the way home from bible study in the car and was so tired that she was moved from her car seat, undressed, had a nappy change and then wrapped up that she didnt open her eyes the whole time.
she is a very tired little baby…

Full Cot

Maisie has a few things that she takes to bed with her, all of which she can name:
1. Happy & Wrap
2. George the Giraffe
3. Schnitz the teddy
4. Glowey the glow worm
Tonight she decided that the cot wasnt full enough already, so she took one of her teddies to bed with her. Not just a teddy – the biggest teddy that she owns.
There wasnt much room left in the cot for her after everything else was in there…

saturday morning

this morning i have a hair appointment, which i booked about a month ago.
i have been looking forward to this for most of the month, as its me, a chair, a book and someone doing my hair for me – no thinking required.
i havent been to a hairdresser here in wagga yet, heres hoping i come home happy…