feeling hot hot hot

since the weather has been so warm over the last few days, we have had to pull out our summer gear quick smart. moo has enjoyed a couple of paddles in the river and a splash in her blow up pool that holds 1 bucket of water (it was from the $2.00 shop). we are being water wise in our house, even though our restrictions have been lifted, so the pool water went onto the garden and the grass.
i thought it was hard getting good photos of one child – two makes it double hard – i assume this gets harder with the more kids you have…
moo and tb cooling off in the heat
i know the answer mummy, pick me
no, i know the answer, pick me!

Our baby names

When we came up with names for our children, we tried to find ones that we hadn’t heard of before or didn’t know anyone by that name. Turns out we didn’t look hard enough.
Maisy is a mouse who has numerous books/DVD’s and even a TV show named after her.
And more annoyingly, Talia Doyle was born in 2003 to Sunrise star Melissa Doyle. Talia Doyle’s middle name is Grace, which is suspiciously similar to Talia Whitbourn’s middle name, Mersey.
While on the topic of similarities, Melissa Doyle is exactly 10 years older than Lisa… To the very day…

talking it up

Maisie has started using more words in the last couple of weeks. We can count about 10 or so words that she frequently uses and we know what she is saying.
Words that she likes to say this week include: Sister, juice, cheese, outside and up.
One new word that we do not know the meaning of is “cahcah”. She has been using cahcah when she is pointing at sultanas, biscuits, ice cream and brownie slice. I personally think that it may stand for “treat that I am only allowed to have at certain times when permitted”, but I could be wrong..
Any suggestions as to what the meaning for cahcah could be?
Maisie asking for more JUICE
Maisie brushing her teeth after breakfast
Miss Bucket Head – playing outside with her buckets