things we have forgotten about a newborn baby #3

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Icon Sep 10, 2007

They require constant attention and need to be fed all the time.
They keep you awake at night.
They cry scream really loud.
They don’t understand a word that you say to them.
You love them so much, that even when you are tired and grumpy from being up all night, all you want to do is smother them in kisses and cuddles and you can actually miss them when they are finally asleep in their own beds…

2 Replies to “things we have forgotten about a newborn baby #3”

  1. Laura says:

    soooo true!!
    Ben had worse separation anxiety than me when Elie upgraded from bassinet to cot and thus moved from our room to hers.
    Love the bonfire pics

  2. Grace says:

    Adorable!!!!!!! In the end you just gets hugs and kisses

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